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Welcome to the Website of Hydrolink- We hope you take the time to explore our website and learn more about our products, our services, our people and our history. We are committed to continue to offer customers the highest quality of products and services in order to provide the best solution for each and every hydro installation.

For over 10 Years, Hydrolink has provided custom-designed water-watt equipment packages for low and medium and high head hydro power projects with outputs ranging from 5kw to 2000kw for customers national and international level. We have well reputed Chinese JV Partners for Small Hydro power package & solution.

Our future goal and mission is to stand alone in Pakistani hydro power market having largest manufacturing facility in hydro sector, in near future we will be providing complete solution for up to 2 MW Projects with locally manufactured products.

We are committed to supplying affordable, reliable, highly efficient turbines that contribute significantly to the profitability of our customer’s hydro projects.

  • Water to Watt Package
  • Axial Flow, Axial Flow Pit, Kaplan, Francis, Crossflow Fabricate, Crossflow Machining, Crossflow T-15 and Pelton Turbines
  • Replacement Runners and Upgrades
  • Runner Repairs, Refurbishments and Modifications.

We further welcome you to contact any of us directly in order to learn more about Hydrolink’s general business or obtain specific technology recommendations for your hydroelectric power project.


Best regards,

Engr. Fazli Rabbi
BSc. Electrical
Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Rahim Diyar
MBA (Marketing)
Managing Director

Mr. Fazli Khaliq

Director of Business Development/Procurement