Your Source to Hydro Power

Welcome to Hydrolink- the World of “Micro, Mini & Small Hydro Power in Pakistan- Hydrolink Engineering Equipment Company Pvt Limited (HEECO) is a leader in design and manufacturing of quality products and services for the hydro power sector in Pakistan- established in 2006 under Partnership Act, later in 2011 re-born as Private Limited Company. From turbine upgrades or refurbishments to complete Water to Watt hydroelectric systems, Hydrolink is also available to discuss your hydro project needs.

Hydrolink was initially incorporate in 2006 by Engr. Fazli Rabbi, a passionate supporter of renewable energy and small hydro for most of his career- previously Mr. Rabbi had been a Field Engineer- than Manager in different donor funded organizations where most of the small hydro power units had been installed and operated under his supervision to provide services in hydro power sector and started from Chital Khyber Pakhtunkhwa while installing pico and micro units in Chitral for over 10 years.

Hydrolink consists of highly skilled designers, engineers, programmers, machinists and fabricators have designed manufactured and installed pico, micro, mini and small hydro power equipment for hundreds of projects in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Serbia, Nigeria and other local neighboring Countries.

Hydrolink is committed to provide innovative custom-design water to watt solutions that consistently meet or exceed customer expectations and we feel that our product and service portfolio is second to none.

Located in Punjab Small Industrial Estate Taxila Pakistan, Hydrolink has the experience and resources to deliver comprehensive solutions to any hydro project.

We have the expertise to offer complete survey and assessment of existing equipment and offer a choice of options including layout of cost and benefits and repair, refurbishment or replacement of existing equipment.

Hydrolink designs and manufactures and supply micro, mini and small hydro power systems in Pakistan ranging from 5kW to 2000 MW. Each system is designed and built at our manufacturing facilities in Pakistan and China.

For our customers with residential or small community projects, Hydrolink provides a broad selection for micro hydro systems up to about 200kW, each delivering international standards and efficiency, quality and reliability at a reasonable cost.

You can purchase a complete set of “Water to Watt” from Hydrolink, or individual components. We will be happy to work with you to determine the best hydro approach. A typical hydro system from Hydrolink includes the following components;

  • Water Turbines (Cross-flow T15, Pelton Turbine, Francis Turbine, Kaplan Turbine, depending on head & flow)
  • Drive System
  • Penstock Pipe
  • Bends
  • Reducers
  • Expansion Joints
  • Generator
  • Electronic Load Controller or Governor
  • Other Electrical items Like Transformers, cables, Poles etc…